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Hideaway Archery

-Pro Shop and Range-

Our Facebook account was hacked. Make sure you unfriend "Jill Hejza (Hideaway Archery). We are making a new one "Jill Hideaway" We will also be making a new page also in the next few weeks. I will let you know when it is up and running so you can follow it. Thanks for your understanding.

Hideaway Archery is a full service archery pro shop. We sell new and used bows. We have sights, rest,  peeps, stabilizers and releases to purchase. Steve tunes and repairs bows,

and Jill custom paints and fletches arrows just the way you want them.

Come in and shoot on our regular range. It is set up with spot targets and a 20 target course or a mixture of 3D and paper targets.  *NEW* We now have TechnoHUNT. Come in and shoot the league or just come in to shoot for fun. 

Our goal is to make archery fun for everyone.  If you're a first time shooter or have been shooting all your life, we are here to help you. Come in and take a lesson, shoot one of our leagues or a specialty shoot. We also have bows to rent if you would like to try archery for the first time.

We are all about having fun!


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WELCOME TO Hideaway Archery

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