Winter League 2021

**********Winter League**********

Winter League will start on Monday January 11th. There are a few changes to the league this year because of what is going on with COVID-19.

*1. Mask are required when entering the shop and if your not shooting.

*2. Group Sizes are limited to 4 people max.

*3, The can be NO spectators.

*4. You must sign up for a time slot. If you need a rotating spot please call and talk to Jill.

*5. Warm up is the first 5 min. of your time slot. ( the other range will not be able to be used for warm up.)

*6. We are running 2 separate leagues. The first one runs from 1/11 to 2/28 the second league will run 3/1 to 4/18. You can shoot one or both.

Winter League 2

To see winter league 1 scores scroll down to the bottom.