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Tuning Bows

 Need strings and cables? We make them for most bows. We have approximately 30 string and serving colors. You can pick one or two colors and change servings to make whatever you want.  Usually strings and cables have a one week or less turn around.

We also change crossbow strings and cables. For crossbows we order Blackheart Strings and Cables. 

If you have a bad serving, we can also just change it.

We do complete bow setups, install bow parts, and do troubleshooting on your bow. We can do paper tuning or take the human out of the equation by using our Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter machine for super tuning.

Custom Made Arrows

Why shoot the same arrows as everyone else?

 Jill will custom make your arrows. Pick out your color fletching, and she will crest your arrows to match!

We also have selections of pre-made arrows ready to go. We specialize in Gold Tip Arrows, but will order other brands for you.

We also stock crossbow arrows for most brands.

arrows 1.jpg
Archery Lessons  

Archery is for everyone!

If you're interested in archery for fun, competition or hunting Hideaway Archery has lessons to help you at any level. 

Steve and Jill are both certified USA level 1 instructors. Reservations are needed for individual or group lessons

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